We have a number of exciting projects that are on-going as part of our Technical Arts & Media Ministry.

The first project is our Media & Youth Ministry Video Equipment Project where we are raising money, seeking in-kind donations and leveraging the support of our partners to develop a cache of video and filmmaking equipment that can be used to develop multimedia productions, videos and films that glorify the Lord.

Currently, as a part of this project we are working with a church youth group that is developing short video vignettes about a whole slew of different topics that are of interest to them. We are supporting them with equipment support, supplies, ideas, consultation and training.

Why? You might ask. We fully believe that the mediums of video and film are a great creative way that youth and adults alike can share their opinion with the world and have a great impact on the social fabric of our world.

The second project is our Faith Based Film Ministry. Very few of the faith based films that are released every year ever make it to the large theaters in Vermont. "Risen" recently played in four theaters across the state and this was "huge" while "War Room" was featured in one theater, Essex Cinemas, which has most recently featured many faith based / Christian films.


When a faith based film is being featured in a mainline secular theater in Vermont, Guardian Angel Ministries promotes that film using as many media avenues as possible to include, but not be limited to: this Website, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, E-Mail and In-Church Announcements.


In order to bridge the gap between the few faith based films that make it to the theaters and those that are released every year, Guardian Angel Ministries presents faith based Christian films in churches and other venues in the northern part of the state.

We are always looking for new venues so if your church or other organization would like to have a Faith Based Christian film presented at your facility please e-mail us at

Ministry Needs

We are in need of additional equipment and supplies to support both of these ministry projects. See our Ministry Needs List for information on what the current needs are. Click here for more information.