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UPDATE - 02/16/2018

Emergency Services

We have made the decision to change our focus a little since our January update. Our Emergency Services Ministry will focus on these primary areas:


Our Disaster Animal Response Team - Click on the Logo to be taken to our GADART Page where you can get more information on this fantastic and much needed ministry. We are recruiting volunteers, seeking donors and partners and doing all the things necessary to get this ministry program off the ground with well trained and well equipped volunteers.


UPDATE - 10/21/2017

We have been on a little hiatus with our Faith Based Film Ministry but, with your help, that is about to change.  We are looking ahead to and currently working on a series of evenings where we will feature christian music followed by a faith based film during summer of 2018.  We plan to offer some of these on the grounds of “God’s Vision Retreat” in Swanton and not only have music and movie but also some of our favorite summertime foods around the campfire.  Additional locations may be added as well.

Plus – knowing that we have two seasons that separate us from today and summer – we are in the planning stages of getting back to showing faith based films over the winter to help all of us avoid the cold weather doldrums.  Warmth, friends, family, popcorn and a film … ummmm goood!

Here’s how you can help us pull this off.  For most of the films that we show we pay  licensing fees to the producers which, of course, help them to produce more faith based films.  The average cost for the licenses is $100 – $150.  In addition, there are promotional costs associated with each event and, for the summer series, we would like to offer each music ministry that joins us a little offering, if it is budgetarily possible.

Our goal for this first round of fund-raising is $1500.00.  Of course we would love to blow the top off the proverbial fundraising thermometer.  We have tried to be creative in ways that people are able to help us to reach this goal including a couple of ways that are rather inexpensive.  We are very aware of how tight many family budgets are these days.

Here are a couple of the ways and in our next edition we will share the rest.


Virtual Coin Drop

Have you got spare change in your car in the coffee cup holders or the shelf by the radio or a pile of spare change sitting on your dresser or tossed on or in your desk or some that is just rolling around in your purse or the lint in your jacket pocket.  Wherever it is, we can put it to good use presenting Family-Friendly Faith Based Films.  Pull it together in a bag, box or other carrying device; email us –… call us… FB IM us… or better yet, just tell us and we will drive to you and pick it up or make other arrangements to get it.  You don’t even have to go the other way to ignore our road signs in this coin drop.  We make it easy to participate and let you still get where you’re going all at the same time.

Please prayerfully consider making a donation today. Your donations help us to continue to operate, we are a registered 501(c)(3) organization, all your donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

Click Here to go to our Online Donation Options Page

Of course you can always send a donation by mail to:  
Guardian Angel Ministries
PO Box 282
Enosburg Falls, VT  05450-0282

Thanks for reading.  We will keep you posted on some additional ways you can help fund this and many other amazing Ministry Projects that God has placed on our hearts!

For more information please feel free to email us at:


We are working on our Second Annual


Once again, this year we are working with the Richford First Baptist Church to present our collection of nativities in a full blown Nativity Exhibit. Last year was a very successful year and we want to continue the tradition. This year the exhibit will be at the Richford First Baptist Church parsonage located at 33 School Street in Richford on Saturday December 2, 9, 16, and 23 from 6pm - 8pm and other times by appointment. Once again visitors will be able to experience Guardian Angel's version of a Moravian Christmas Putz (a nativity that tells the story of Christ's birth through display, sound and music) see some angels scattered about as well as a kneeling Santa or two ... plus be able to share cookies and hot chocolate.

We are always looking for donations of Nativities of all sizes and types to add to the collection and we hope to grow this event for years to come. We will be adding updates here on the website as we progress through getting ready.


Needs List

Please be sure to check out our ministry needs list at this link - Needs.

Financial Support is always needed to keep our ministry moving along but we know that it is often easier to donate in-kind items. You will find the list of our needs on this page.

UPDATE - 02/08/2016


Most of you know that a major part of our ministry has been the promotion and presentation of faith based family films.

Whenever there is a film showing here in Vermont or around the area we try our best to get that information out to as many people as we can through this website, our Facebook page, our church, e-mail, and any other way we can think of.

Be sure to check back often and of course be sure to check our Facebook page often as we provide links and updates on a daily basis.


UPDATE - 10/17/2015

We have a number of great projects in development or on-going. We also have some great new ways that you can support our ministry without having to spend money you haven't spent or weren't going to spend.

1. Check out the current Youth Video project we are supporting through our Technical Arts & Media Ministry program. Also get to see how we are supporting the First Baptist Church of Richford as they prepare to share church services on Public Access television. Click Here

2. Check out the two new training workshops we are developing: 1. One about Professional Production on a Shoe String Budget and 2. Shooting Video with iPhones and iPads.

3. Check out the many ways you can support our ministry work including having a small percentage of your Amazon purchases come to us; a portion of your purchases come to us through such companies as LTD and others and our new "Re-Purposing" project where we just know that so many of us start new hobbies and buy all kinds of equipment and gear and then move on to other projects. Our re-purposing project provides a list of items we are looking for and provides an opportunity for you to pull these items out of your closet and donate them to a great cause. Click Here



Check Out Our "Wonderful Counselor" Photo Album Here






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